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Z400 Billet Power Tip Image
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Z400 Billet Power Tip
Product Evaluation

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One of the first parts people replace on a new sport quad is the stock exhaust system. Reasoning usually includes better sound, looks, flow, and weight. Since the Z400's debut we've seen many people modify the stock Z400 exhaust to meet these same goals. The most famous is "The Pee-Shooter Remover" mod. Achieved by drilling, hacking and removing the spark arrestor from exhaust tip to attain better flow and sound.

The good people at 2R Racing have taken the hack out of this mod by producing the Z400 Billet Power Tip (other models also avail.). We had 2R Racing ship us a tip to see if the product was worth its mettle.

Z400 Billet Power Tip images

Fit & Finish
The Z400 Billet Power Tip, right out of the box, is impressive looking. The polish and styling cues are first rate. We also noticed the diameter of the outlet hole is nearly twice the size of the stock tip.

Installation was a snap, minus a bent and stripped screw (factory defect) we ran into during the removal of the stock tip and spark arrestor. Once bolted up however, the the fit was nearly identical to the stock tip.

sound test stats Sound & Performance
The tip gave the exhaust a deep throaty sound, much meaner that stock. The db gain was notable everywhere above idle, but not uncomfortably loud. Where the stock tip might keep the neighbors from noticing - this might have them peeking from their windows.

After installing the Billet Power Tip we noticed the jetting needed to be changed (1 up on the main circuit). More fuel means more power - its our guess the Z gains around 1 HP with this product.

At a retail price of $39.50 the Z400 Billet Power Tip is a cost effective replacement for the Pee-Shooter Hack - It gains style points, a better sound and adds around one more pony to boot.

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2R Racing
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