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Honda Kick Start
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Can Honda Kick Start a Championship?

Written by Rich Strucke
Edited by ATVstore.com

When Honda announced the TRX450R I thought, "This is going to be great. It has to be jam packed full of innovation, I mean - we still race the 250r, and that was designed in the 80's."

Honda released the info and pictures, I navigated to their website and drooled all over my keyboard as the pictures and Quicktime movies glowed from my monitor. Innovation - its in there: Shock reservoirs pointing backwards for protection, uni-cam motor design and separate crankcase / clutch oils similar to a 2-stroke design. This thing looks great!

But wait, whats that - a kick starter... Ok, they must be making the Electric Starter an option. Whats that? Its not an option? Has Honda lost its mind?

I can understand Yamaha giving its buyers the Electric/Kick start option, But Honda not offering it at all could spell big trouble in tight situations.

Kory Ellis backs this point in his ATVscene.com article: "As a motocrosser, I was happy to shed some weight but found one problem along the way. Although the motor starts easy enough with the kick starter, I have to admit, I grew a little attached to starting the quad with my thumb. I'll even openly admit that I stalled the quad at the YFZ's debut at Mt. Morris but since it had the electric start at the time, I fired it up instantly and only lost about one second of time. Not to mention, we only saved about seven pounds of weight, so I'm not so sure if this mod is such a hot set up or not."

If Kory lost 1 second with an electric starter, how long would he be down with a kick start? 1 second is the difference between winning and losing. 4-5 seconds could be losing while eating champaign from the 3 guys on the podium.

Is Honda going to revise this or surprise us with an electric start option at the January release? Is Tim Farr training for his stall and kick start procedures? Or is Honda just betting on Big Tim to not stall at all this season?

With the majority of the field using electric start this could be a real disadvantage, or if extremely luckey - it may not factor in at all. But my bet is someone will stall and lose position due to an option or the lack there of.

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